Tips for travelling

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  2. make sure your passport is valid for six months and that you have at least two facing pages empty or more if you require visas for more than one country.
  3. Whenever possible try to book flights for  between 11H00 and 17H00.
    Remember most check-out time from hotels are 12H00 and check-in  from 15H00.  So if you arrive early in the morning you will have to kill time until them.
  4. If your Flight is late at night you will have to hang around without a bathroom or place to rest from 12H00.  You can request a late checkout but this may cost extra.
  5. Please check your flight times eg.  01H50 on 10 October 2018  is techanically the night of 9 October 2018.  Many have missed their flights because of this.
  6. Have a small jar [under 50mm] of moisturizer with you on the plane as your skin dries out whilst in flight – especially females.
  7. Whenever possible try to arrange transfers to and from the airport and place of stay. Not every city has a good transport network.
  8. When booking an hotel -: it is sometimes cheaper to deal directly with an hotel than going via
  9. Booking via a travel agency is also cheaper sometimes – but not always.